Capturing energy consumption

PLEET Environment – Capturing energy consumption

Often you don’t know where the energy is used in your production – this can be something you include in the calculation of a job’s price as an educated guess.

Whether it’s direct use of electricity, water or perhaps compressed air, it’s important to have valid measurement data to be able to respond effectively to the increasing demands for documentation of consumption.

With PLEET and our Environment module, it is possible to collect the current energy consumption – whether it’s electricity, water or even compressed air consumption, with a resolution of one minute – 24/7.

Continuously collecting consumption on a production machine or line provides an understanding of the distribution of energy consumption. Both during production, but also when the machines are on standby.

Accurate data is crucial for ESG reporting from manufacturing companies for a number of reasons. First and foremost, credibility and trust are at stake, as misinformation can undermine a company’s reputation. Accurate data also enables effective decision-making and risk management, which is essential to minimize environmental, social and governance risks.

Furthermore, they allow benchmarking and performance tracking over time, helping to identify areas for improvement. Meeting regulatory requirements and strengthening stakeholder relationships are additional benefits of accurate data as they ensure compliance and help build trust.

Overall, the right data is a fundamental prerequisite for reliable, efficient and credible ESG reporting that supports a company’s sustainability strategy and business goals.

We can communicate with the vast majority of bee meters on the market, so if you already have energy measurement on your machines/lines, we can probably reuse them.

With the PLEET Environment module you get a tool that gives you a logical and systematic overview of your consumption on either:

  • An order number.
  • A specific machine or line.
  • Over a specific period of time.
  • Total on a department or machine group.

When you can document energy consumption across machines/lines down to a single order, you can also start to look at the CO2 emissions of a specific order.

With the PLEET Enviroment module, it’s easy to get started.

With a few taps, a report can be generated that shows the total consumption of an order – all the way through production.

With PLEET you can collect:

  • Electricity consumption.
  • Water consumption
  • Air consumption

In short, anything you can measure, we can implement in PLEET.

With PLEET reporting functionality, data can be easily extracted such as

  • Total energy consumption.
  • Estimated CO2 equivalent.
  • Total energy consumption on an order across different machines.
  • Total energy consumption of a machine over time.

Why is PLEET-Environment a powerful module for your carbon accounting?

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Demonstrating environmental responsibility

By registering the environmental impact of your company, you show that you take your responsibility for the environment seriously. This is important for both internal and external stakeholders and can improve your company’s reputation.

Collecting energy consumption data offers opportunities

Collecting energy consumption data allows you to identify inefficient processes and areas where energy savings can be made. This can lead to cost savings and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Meet the new ESG requirements

With the new ESG requirements, it can be difficult to demonstrate compliance with both regulatory and customer requirements if you don’t collect data on your energy consumption.

Helps optimize on many parameters

Energy consumption data helps optimize resource allocation. It also helps reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Overview of energy consumption per order per line

Energy consumption

Historical overview of total usage on all machines

History Pleet

Real-time overview of energy consumption on all machines

real-time overview

Get data for your carbon footprint


All this is easy and simple in PLEET. With a few taps, a report can be generated showing the total spend on an order.
Additionally, a report can be generated that shows


  • Total energy consumption.
  • Estimated CO2 equivalent.
  • Total energy consumption on an order across different machines.
  • Total energy consumption of a machine over time.
CO2 report

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