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PLEET Notify – Get notified on your mobile, desktop, email or tablet when something requires your attention during machine downtime

Receive a notification on your phone if a specific event occurs. With the PLEET-Notify module you can set rules for who, when and which events should trigger a notification.

So, if you have machines that work without constant supervision, the PLEET-Notify module is the right solution to ensure that any production stoppage is noticed by an operator.

With the PLEET Notify module you decide where messages are received and which types of stops trigger a notification – it’s easy, fast and efficient.

Why should you receive a message

It can be a good idea to receive a notification if a machine stops production. A message can provide a quick and reliable alert, and it can be an effective way to ensure that the relevant personnel are informed as soon as possible so they can take the necessary actions to get the machine back up and running.

However, it is important to consider who should receive the message, as it is only relevant to the people who are responsible for responding to the machine stoppage. In addition, an accurate and reliable mechanism must be created to identify when a machine has stopped and who should receive the message. And that’s where the PLEET-Notify module provides the tools needed to set the right rules.

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