The optimal data collection system

PLEET ERP – With integration to your ERP system, you get the optimal data collection system.

With the PLEET ERP module you get the ability to automatically exchange data between your ERP system and PLEET, so for example

  • The production plan can be accessed directly on the machine.
  • Production data can write back to your ERP system.
  • They are always the most current production plan available at the machine.

We have extensive experience in exchanging data between different systems, so if we don’t already have an integration to your ERP system in the PLEET ERP modulethen it’s something we can do.

The information we need to exchange between your ERP systems and PLEET may depend on your specific needs and is therefore clarified in connection with the implementation of PLEET.

It can also be done manually
With the PLEET ERP module it will also be possible to load a production plan from, for example, an Excel file.

If your production planning program can already create an Excel with your production plan, you can load it directly with the PLEET ERP module so that the operator at the machine simply selects the order to run directly from the PLEET screen.

For more than 20 years, Vetech has developed software that has had to interact with other systems, so we have extensive experience in integrating with 3rd party software – an experience we have utilized in our
PLEET ERP module.

4 good reasons why PLEET should integrate with your ERP

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Improved data integrity

Integrating PLEET software with the ERP system helps ensure that data on production performance and efficiency is accurate and up-to-date. This helps to improve decision-making processes and gives business leaders and decision-makers a more complete picture of how the production facility and equipment is performing.

Optimizing production

Integrating PLEET software with the ERP system also helps optimize production by identifying bottlenecks, inefficient processes and other problem areas. By having access to comprehensive data on production performance and efficiency, businesses can make faster and more informed decisions that can improve overall productivity.

Reduction of costs

Integrating PLEET software with the ERP system helps reduce costs by identifying inefficient processes and resource utilization. By having comprehensive data on production performance and efficiency, companies can target their efforts to areas that need improvement and optimize resource allocation.

Improved collaboration

Integrating PLEET software with the ERP system helps improve collaboration between production and business units. By having access to the same data and reports, businesses can work together more effectively to improve their overall productivity and efficiency.

System integration is important to the Industry 4.0 concept because it allows companies to connect their various systems and share data.

ERP systems are used to manage all core business processes in a company, such as production, accounting and sales, while a system like
can automate the exchange of shop-floor data to ERP systems.

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